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How to Control Anxiety and Stop Being Afraid

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How to Control Anxiety and Stop Being Afraid

In today's world more and more people are suffering from anxiety. Every single one of us has had an anxiety attack at a given time in life. Being anxious is normal in life but how you react to the anxiety is what makes the difference. Anxiety can cause allot of damage to the health of an individual and if not well handled it can even lead to death. Here are some tips that everybody should be aware of on how to control and overcome anxiety;

Tips on How to Control Anxiety

Think Positive

When one gets an anxiety attack the brain normally offers allot of worse case scenarios that could happen. If the negative thoughts in your head are not well controlled it can lead to the individual getting even more anxious. As a rule, always fill you mind with positive scenarios that can come out of a situation. Having positive thoughts always makes anxiety ease due to the fact that you cease from concentrating on the problem and concentrate on the good that can come out of a given situation. Ever had of the phrase "count your blessings name them one by one"? It really helps when experiencing an anxiety attack to sit down and dwell on what is going well for you instead of what is not. This has a way of making you appreciate just how blessed you are.

Stay Busy

The best thing to do when you are facing situations that make you anxious is to do something that keeps you busy. An idle mind will always tend to concentrate on what makes you anxious and thus cause you to experience an anxiety attack. So as a rule when one is experiencing anxious situations encourage them to find something to keep them busy. Opening up and talking about your anxiety also does allot of help. Get someone trust worthy like a psychiatrist and talk to them about your cause of anxiety. This will not only relieve you of the anxiety but also give you ideas on what to do to ease it. Talking to people about what you are going through does help. It has been proven that women find it easier to share what they are going through than men. Perhaps that is the reason why men tend to be affected by the outcome of an anxiety attack more than women.


Exercising your body has a way of easing the effects of an anxiety attack and makes it easier to cope with anxiety. A study that was commissioned to find out just how true this is found out that people who exercised frequently handled anxiety much better than those who never used to exercise. Ensure that you stay away from factors that bring about an anxiety attack. Some people tend to get anxiety attacks when exposed to pessimistic people. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you and focus on the positive rather than the negative of a situation.It is well known that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter has a way of easing the most difficult of situations. People who laugh allots tend to be happier and live longer. Laugh a lot and you are assured that there is no anxious situation that will ever get the best of you.

Don't Obsess

When experiencing an anxiety attack avoid worrying about things you have no control over. Some people get anxious over things that they cannot control a fact that makes them completely helpless. If it is not in your control let it go and concentrate on things that you can control. There is no better way of controlling anxiety than through faith. Believing in a greater purpose to everything that is going on in your life does help a lot. Faith has a way of ensuring that even when things are not going according to plan you remain assured that there is some good that will come out of it. Anxiety does not have to cripple you to a point where you feel completely helpless. With help and allot of will you can overcome anxiety and come out even stronger. Everybody experiences some element of anxiety but what matters is being able to face the anxiety and ensure that it does not get the better of you. You d not have to be afraid.

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