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How to Overcome Anxiety Attacks

Wed, 08/08/2012 - 22:55 -- GloriaGoodwin
How to Overcome Anxiety Attacks

An anxiety attack can be a very disorienting disorder which is usually uncomfortable and painful for those who are suffering from it. Individuals who are struggling with anxiety are on the constant battle to overcome such fears within them. They usually feel a lot of stress and nervous breakdowns which could lead to some harmful effects that are not really desirable. If you are suffering from this kind of disorder, then you are not alone.

Steps for How to Overcome Anxiety Attacks

Though frightening as this may be, it is good to know that there are several effective ways for how to overcome them. So, how exactly can you do it? I have provided here some tips which could really be helpful for you. Read on..

Tip #1. Use herbal remedies

Herbal remedies proved to be quite effective in dealing with anxiety attacks. Several studies have already shown that herbs such as Chamomile and Valerian root can dramatically lower your anxiety levels. These herbs however, are only effective for mild anxiety attacks like deprivation of sleep because of their sedative properties.

Tip #2. Practice anxiety therapies

There are several therapies which you can take part in to help lower down your levels of anxiety. It includes Yoga, massage and meditation. The best part about them is that they're not only fun, but they also provide a soothing relaxation as well. Since these forms of therapy increase your positive hormones such as Serotonin, the levels of negative hormones are otherwise decreased in the process. Given enough time for such therapies can be really effective for the relief of chronic anxiety disorders.

Tip #3. Maintain a healthy diet

If you think that anxiety comes only from your state of mind, then now is the time to crack the myth. New studies have found out that anxiety disorders could also originate from the gut. This explains why there are several people who are constantly suffering from bowel irritations and anxiety at the same time. The solution? A healthy diet of course! And that means you'll have to reduce sugar, dairy, fat and meat intakes as much as you can, and maintain your diet on fruits and vegetables instead.

Tip #4. Take some deep breaths

Okay, so this might sound a bit weird, but it actually helps. Even if you do it in public, most people around you just don't pay attention and wonder why you're doing that. Here's the good thing about it anyway. Deep breathing is actually very healthy for you even if you are not suffering from anxiety attacks. It provides an increase supply of fresh oxygen towards your brain and oxygenates the blood, which in turn provides energy and helps you in making better decisions.

Tip #5. Incorporate exercise in your daily routine

The awesome health benefits of a regular exercise aren't only limited to a healthy and firm body. In fact, it also helps in lowering down the levels of anxiety by reducing stress while increasing those "feel good" hormones inside your body. As it gets your heart pumping in a healthy rate, regular exercise proves itself to be an effective anxiety treatment that really works.

Tip #6. Find a job you love and loves you in return

It has been found out that around 40 million Americans suffer from work-related anxieties. And it might be the case for you as well. If you can't find out where you anxiety came from, then perhaps it's time to consider your job. I know this might sound impractical especially in such times of crisis. But if you think it gives you anxiety, then it would be best if you look for something new. Hear me, it might be difficult at first, but closing your door to open another one could be fulfilling in the end.

Tip #7. Decrease the amount of toxins you expose to your body

Caffeine or glutamine can be a major trigger to anxiety attacks for most people. Other than these, you might also be sensitive to certain foods which can bring you anxiety attacks. All you have to do is simply reduce your consumption of such foods inch by inch until you no longer crave for them. You might as well be surprised to see how beneficial it can be. And ultimately, find some support around you. As what I've mentioned, you are not alone, and there is no need to be such. Find all the support and help you can get, and be sure to follow these essential tips that will surely lead your way to a life free from anxiety attacks.

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