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Linden Method Scam? Get the Facts Here

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Linden Method Scam? Get the Facts Here

When it comes to dealing with anxiety and the various disorders and phobias that are associated with it there are often a number of methods that are seen as being the best possible way to overcome the issues. One such approach is the Linden method, but as with any of these theories there is always a question as to whether it works or is it just a scam to get money out of those who are suffering. However, in order to ascertain if this is indeed the case it does make sense to begin by looking at both the person behind the method as well as the actual method itself.

Who is Linden and what is their story?

Charles Linden is someone who actually suffered from panic attacks and anxiety disorders for the first thirty years of their life until they decided that it was not just down to the nervous system or nerves in general. Instead, what Charles did was to spend three months researching into the various conditions and also interviewing other sufferers along with those who had managed to recover before creating a way to live life that would change him forever. This part of the story began in 1997 and since then he has helped almost 150,000 people regain some control of their lives. Since then Charles has created the Emotions Research Consortium along with professors from Queen's University Belfast as well as a series of doctors and psychologists from around the world.

What is the Linden Method?

The first thing that has to be pointed out is that this does not involve cognitive-behavior therapy instead, it involves a number of audio lessons as well as videos to watch with them showing various techniques that are designed to stop anxiety in its tracks. The method focuses on being able to train the brain and actually break that anxiety feeling that you tend to have by getting you to think differently. The method has identified that there is a part of the brain that triggers these feelings called the Amygdala and it works at switching the anxiety off at source. The good thing is that you also receive email and telephone support from qualified psychologists so you are not just left alone to deal with any issues once you have handed over your money.

Does it work?

The answer to this is that yes it does work as is shown by the number of people the Linden Method has managed to help suffers of social anxiety over the years. At first people may think that it has only helped just under 150,000 people over a decade, but it is important to point out that the percentage of people who need this particular kind of help is relatively small and the number who then actually get help is smaller still. By taking this into consideration it does represent a large number of people and does, therefore, push you towards concluding that it does help people in the way it claims it does.

Is it worth the money?

There is actually a money back guarantee with the items you buy so there is nothing to lose by giving it a go. The method itself has been discussed in a number of media outlets including television and this makes it stand out from other methods that try to carefully control the image that is portrayed about them. It is difficult to imagine the BBC or the Daily Mail happily promoting something that is a scam.

Can it be trusted?

It has to be said that it can indeed be trusted due to the long list of doctors and psychologists that promote the method and actually get their patients to use the techniques that are included in it. You must remember that they will analyse every aspect to see if it can do what it says and with the program having a success rate of over 95% it will let you see that there are a large number of people who would agree that it can be trusted. In conclusion it should, therefore, be said that the Linden Method does have the backing of various doctors and psychologists and it is fair to assume that if it was indeed a scam, then they would have nothing to do with it. The method does use techniques that are recommended elsewhere; however, it is how it is put together that makes it different to others. It is fair to say that for some people it will not work, but this applies to any method so just because it may not be good for some should not mark out the entire method as being a scam.

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