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How to be Social and Love it!

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How to be Social and Love it!

If you aren't much of a social butterfly and want to change that about yourself, there are a lot of ways to do so. This doesn't mean you have to talk to every person you see. It just means learning how to carry on a conversation and make connections with unlikely people.

How to be more Social

Find Your Faults:

Start off by determining what is stopping you from being social. Is it a fear of being rejected? Is it not knowing what to say? Everyone has different reasons for now being social. Determine what these are for yourself and write them down. From here you can come up with a plan for fixing those things and learning how to deal with them!

Work on Yourself:

After you find the things you need to work on, actually start to fix them. Don't just put these off for later and say you will work on yourself. You need to make things you want to change a huge priority. Making time for improvements can lead to making more friends, having more fun and so many more things.

Get Outside:

Get outside and do fun things that are outside of your comfort zone. This will introduce you to new hobbies and new people! The best part about this is that you will have a subject to talk about. You can join a crafting club, take a cooking class or do a number of other things. During these activities you will gradually start to talk to more people. The conversations can be about whatever you feel comfortable with. In addition to all of this, you will be having fun. Trying new things and having more experiences will make you well-rounded in the future.

Don't Try Hard:

Do you ever see people who try way too hard to be the ideal version of cool? Don't be that person. Be someone who is confident, but still friendly. Also don't assume that you have to have amazing conversations with everyone you meet. Sometimes the chemistry just isn't there, which means you can cut the conversation short in a nice way. The more approachable you are, the more social you will end up being. Nobody wants to start talking to someone that looks like they are not very fun. Someone who is laughing and smiling is going to look a lot more fun and will have more interactions over the course of a night.

Eye Contact and Attitude:

Making eye contact is really important when you're talking to anyone. You don't have to give them a hard stare, just the contact that is needed to let them know you are listening. Ask questions, provide feedback and have a generally good attitude. Compliment people while talking to them and have a few laughs. Telling jokes is a great way to make people more comfortable and interested in the conversation at hand.

Stay Positive:

Positivity is really important when you are trying to change something about yourself. If you have a conversation with someone that doesn't go well, don't let that knock you down. Instead, learn from the mistakes you or they made. Determine what you can do to improve the next conversation you have that is similar. If you are ever thinking a conversation isn't going well, change that thought process. Instead, say to yourself that you are having a good time and think about other things you can talk about. The more interested you are in what you are saying, the more the other person will recognize that. When you have confidence it is going to show.

Work on Self Image:

Your self image means a lot to yourself, so make it positive! If you think that you aren't doing something right, that is going to show. Working on self-esteem is something that might take a while. It could mean going to therapy or simply reading some books about how to change thought processes. Most people have negative self-images, which is not the way it should be. If you believe you can do more things, you are going to do them! Being social and loving it might seem impossible at the moment. But, if you get out there and have fun, you will! You will probably make a lot more friends and enjoy a number of amazing experiences as a result.

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