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Anxious but Sucessful: How Kristen Stewart Overcomes her Anxiety

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Anxious but Sucessful: How Kristen Stewart Overcomes her Anxiety

If you've ever seen Kristen Stewart on the red carpet or on television doing interviews, you probably know she is socially awkward. Kristen had been acting for a long time before she got her role in the film series Twilight. These movies pushed her career to new heights and made her more famous than she probably imaged was possible. Soon after she got the role of Bella, she was being followed just about everywhere by photographers. She became an icon, but also the target of cruelty. Her shy exterior and anxiety has been apparent by many and has caused her to become more aware of her insecurities.

Anxiety being Herself

At age 14 Kristen decided to quit school because she felt she did not fit in. This caused her to become more introverted and private than she was in the past. She didn't have a lot of exposure to other people and did not have a lot of close friends, struggling to find ways of how to be more social. She turned to acting to express herself and landed small roles while she was very young. These eventually led to getting larger parts in the blockbuster films that have been released today.

Kristen Stewart appears as awkward pretty much every time she is in the public eye. If you watch her at award shows giving speeches it is easy to see that she is uncomfortable. Her body language and shyness both give away the fact that she would rather be somewhere else. This is a big reason why she avoids doing interviews and why she doesn't give in to reading articles about herself online.

Stewart has even said that she has to try hard to keep herself from crying while she is doing interviews. The pressure to be perfect is often more than she can handle. She finds it difficult to be herself and has a hard time facing the cruelty that is so prevalent Celebrities, and the anxiety it causes for them. Many times she will say something strange or be conveyed as "weird" to the public because her anxieties get the best of her.

Kristen also has anxiety and fears about her fans harming her because of her role in the Twilight franchise. Many of the mega fans took to the internet talking about harming her due to her relationship with Robert Pattinson, her co-star on the films. Stewart does not take these threats lightly and that is a big reason why she has a lot of fearfulness when meeting any of her fans. She gets scared of large crowds, what people will say and how they will react to her.

Anxiety in Movies

Many people feel that Stewart is an extremely awkward actress, even when she is in huge movie roles. Many fans say that she is tight and unconvincing as an actress because she doesn't open up. This could be a result of anxiety taking over, but Stewart has yet to comment back. She just continues to move on with her life and take up different roles to expand her resume. She says she enjoys acting a variety of parts because it allows her to explore different sides of herself.

Even when Stewart hits the red carpet for her films it's apparent she does not feel comfortable. She does not ham it up on the camera or talk about her personal life. Instead she will do a few short interviews and then disappear until the end of the night. She doesn't like to be in the center of attention, especially when she doesn't know anyone she is talking to.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety like Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart hasn't ever announced that she has a social phobia or anxiety, but it is apparent with the way she acts. She's hinted at the fact that she is uncomfortable in the spotlight and has hid her true self for many years. Stewart could definitely benefit from therapy to teach her tools for how to control her anxiety. Being a celebrity with anxiety certainly isn't easy, but it's something many people deal with.

If you feel like you have the same outward awkwardness as Stewart does, you might want to consider therapy. You might be surprised at how much this can help you open up and change the way you react. You are still going to have the anxieties on a daily basis, but there are things you can do to control the way you act. This control can help you gain a lot of confidence!