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How to Treat Anxiety in Women

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How to Treat Anxiety in Women

Treating anxiety in women is possible if the woman is open to getting help for the type of disorder she suffers from. There are a lot of different treatment options out there that can result in feeling better quickly so that you can move on with life. Just keep in mind that as with all treatments for disorders, it may take a while to find what works best for you. Some women find that therapy is more effective while others do better with medications.

Treatments for anxiety in women include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Lifestyle Changes

Psychotherapy Treatment for Anxiety

Psychotherapy is a form of counseling that helps to treat the anxiety from the inside instead of mask the symptoms. If you choose this type of therapy then you will be working with a psychotherapist that specializes in anxiety disorders. They will ask you questions, interact with you and may even ask you to do different types of activities. Just remember that everything they do is designed to help them help you overcome the disorder.

Although this can be difficult at first, in time you will learn a lot of different coping techniques that can help you overcome your disorder when times are the worst. This can mean being able to live a somewhat normal life that you are actually in control of. It's important for women to know that psychotherapy does not cure anxiety disorders overnight.

This treatment actually takes a long time to work, as the therapist has to find the reason why the anxiety disorder is there and determine how best to work with you to overcome it. You have to be open and willing for this to work, or else your mind will be closed to the possibility of finally getting better.

Medication Treatment for Anxiety

Medications are the most common treatment options because they are readily available. A doctor has to prescribe these, as each is different and some are more suitable for certain individuals than others. The medications that treat anxiety disorders include: SSRI antidepressants, benzodiazepines and beta-blockers.

Each of the different medications comes with its own set of risks as well as side effects. Most of these are designed to actually change the chemistry inside of the brain so that the symptoms of anxiety go away. Some are meant to be taken for only a short period of time, but others can be taken for longer depending on their risk for addiction.

Therapy Treatments for Anxiety

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the first choice for most anxiety sufferers to try. This involved talking through life to understand more about why you have anxiety. This helps you and the therapist get to the root of the problem so that you can learn and start developing tools to deal with it. This type of therapy also helps you learn how to change your thought patterns so that you can think more positively and avoid the worrisome or negative feelings that you would normally get due to the disorder.

Relaxation therapy is where you will learn different ways that will help you relax and soothe your anxiety. This is something that does take time and effort to learn, but it can be extremely effective. When you do this type of therapy you will decrease your heart rate, let go of tension, stop thinking and go into a state of deep relaxation for around 20 minutes. Doing this on a daily basis can help change your brain chemistry so that you have a better feeling of wellbeing and you are less likely to experience anxiety.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Anxiety

Some people find that changing their diet and lifestyle is an effective way of treating their anxiety. They change by exercising on a regular basis and eating a more healthy diet. This also includes cutting out most processed foods and avoiding alcohol. Some even start doing yoga so that they can learn how to meditate and relax when they are feeling anxious. One of the most important parts of this is sleep. This helps the brain balance out and ensures that it's able to recover on a daily basis.

Treating anxiety in women is definitely possible with all of the options that are available today. If you feel that you want to get help, then start with a visit to your doctor and go from there. The first step can be hard, but it can make a positive change in your life!