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Even Teens Like Selena Gomez Suffer from Anxiety

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Even Teens Like Selena Gomez Suffer from Anxiety

She's the face of Disney, has her own clothing line, is dating Justin Bieber, is a singer and is only 22 years old. It seems Selena Gomez has accomplished more in her life than most people could imagine. She's been acting since a young age and has skyrocketed into the spotlight with all of her singing and acting talents. Although this girl certainly leads a great life, she does have problems that affect her personally, as is often the case for celebrities in the public spotlight. Selena has recently started talking about how she suffers from anxiety and how it affects her each day.

Selena's Career Anxiety

Selena started acting at a young age by landing the star role in Disney Channel's The Wizards of Waverly Place. Fortunately this show became a success and Selena enjoyed years of this show, which led to her eventual film career. She's been in many movies and has even launched a successful singing career. She has released a couple of albums that have all had hit songs that top the charts. Starting a career like this at a young age led to a lot of adult choices, but her support system is strong.

The recent pressure of her movie schedule caused Gomez to have an anxiety attack while filming. Fortunately she was able to get through the panic by speaking with her co-workers and taking time to herself. She even took to her Twitter page talking about how she needed to relax. Even someone like Selena can have anxiety because she has so much stress when filming movies. Busy schedules, little sleep and the pressure to do well can be more than most adults can handle, let alone a 22 year old actress.

Although Selena does suffer from bouts of anxiety due to her busy and stressful life, she is able to move on. She has gotten more movie roles and plans on releasing more albums. Her continued success is a result of her learning how to manage and control her anxiety and talk through it with those who can help. She has many close friends that she's able to open up to, which offer her advice and comfort.

Selena's Relationship Anxiety

Gomez's relationship with Justin Bieber has been off and on throughout the years. It seems as soon as they get back together there are stories about them breaking up. A friend actually revealed that Selena suffers from a lot of anxiety about her relationship with Bieber, which causes more anxiety in her everyday life. Both of their schedules cause them to spend a considerable time away from each other. This causes trust issues and anxiety for her, which has resulted in weight loss.

Selena also attributes her anxiety to her constant exposure to paparazzi. It's never easy to have pictures taken of you 24/7, especially when you want to enjoy some private moments to yourself. She has a difficult time going anywhere, whether it's to the store or out on a date with her boyfriend. This can create a challenge that is hard to overcome, especially when in the public eye constantly.

Your Success with Anxiety

Everyone can suffer from a tumultuous relationship during their life, which is why it's extremely important to learn how to manage fears. Not all relationships are perfect and most will go through their ups and downs. Keep in mind it is important to realize when it is becoming unhealthy for you. If a relationship is causing you to have problems in your everyday life and suffer from anxiety more than usual, it might be time to seek counseling or quit it all together.

While you might not be working on movie sets or dating a mega-star, there are probably fears and worries you have on a daily basis. It's important that you learn, just like Selena did, that practicing relaxation techniques for anxiety and facing your fears is important. While she is young and still learning how to navigate through life, she's doing a great job of making good decisions. A strong support system and great therapist can help you get through your anxieties so you live a healthier and more fulfilled life. You might also consider other natural anxiety remedies for managing anxiety

Selena Gomez can be an inspiration whether you suffer from mild or extreme anxieties. You can be successful just like she is and you can enjoy your life as well! You shouldn't have limits on what you can do when there are ways to manage your anxiety.