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How to Stop Anxiety Attacks Before They Start

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How to Stop Anxiety Attacks Before They Start

Anxiety attacks are common in adults as well as children. According to statistics 37% of the population suffers from these attacks. An anxiety attack is your body's reaction against what it assumes is posing a threat to you. Now this may be difficult to digest because an anxiety attack rarely, if ever, does anything to help you. It is considered more of a problem in its self. But the truth is it is an automatic reaction against threat. You experience an anxiety attack when the body is experiencing stress. The body releases chemicals to tackle stress which makes you panic. To avoid anxiety attacks you need to face your fears and this article shows you how you can do that.

10 Tips for How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Tip # 1. Divert Attention

When you are faced with a situation you know will trigger an anxiety attack do not get sacred instead remain calm and in control of the situation. Divert your attention to something else. If you are scared of flying for instance, try looking out of the window and enjoy the beautiful sky instead of thinking you are in air.

Tip # 2. Concentrate

This is akin to meditation where you let yourself relax yet are aware of each part of your body. Slow yourself down and concentrate on yourself. Feel yourself breathe, feel the air going in through your nostril and into your lungs, filling them up. This process will instantly calm you down. Once you feel the stress has died down you know you have overcome the situation. Slowly go back to what you were doing.

Tip # 3. Imagine

When bogged with situations that can trigger a panic attack, close your eyes and think of happy thoughts. Think of pleasant times. Think of people who make you happy. Imagine food you love. Thinking of good things relaxes your mind and releases feel good chemicals that can contain the anxiety attack.

Tip # 4. Take a Walk

Yes, take a walk, literally so. When you walk away from difficult situations you are distancing yourself from them. The distance you put between yourself and your problem will work as a healer. When you are away from the stressful situation your brain senses it and calms down. It stops releasing chemicals that would normally have set off an anxiety attack.

Tip # 5. Make a Mind Switch

Switch over from the current stressful situation to something else. You need to fool your mind and body into believing you are somewhere else or doing something else. Start playing mental games. It could be anything to distract your brain. Play the 'I spy with my little eye' game in your mind. Think of an alphabet and see how many things you can spot beginning with that alphabet. Supposing you hate crowded places and you find yourself in one, do not panic, just relax and play a mental game. Devise a new game, start a counting game add one when you spot a female, subtract two when you spot a male, add five when you see a child. These mental games keep you engrossed and are wonderful stress busters that help you control anxiety attacks.

Tip # 6. Take Control of the Situation

Do not let stressful situations take control of your life. When you find yourself in a situation which you know will lead to panic attack, take recourse before it takes control over you. Another way to fight an anxiety attack is to face the situation. It cannot be that bad if the whole world is doing something that scares you. As long as the situation is not of any danger to you, try to learn to face it and fight it. The courage and strength have to come from within you.

Tip # 7. Look at your Strengths

There would have been many occasions in your life when you overcame trying situations. If you get manage those tricky situations you can surely fight a stressful situation and control the anxiety attack.

Tip # 8. Get Inspired

Let other people's struggles and fights be an inspiration. If you read about people who learned to control anxiety attack you will be inspired to do so the same too. Knowing about others will instill a confidence in you that can be of immense help in fighting your own anxieties.

Tip # 9. Count and Breathe

Counting to 10 while breathing slowly takes away focus from a critical situation because your mind and body are concentrating on something else. You can stop an anxiety attack if you practice this technique. This is known to work in anger management as well.

Tip # 10. Analyze Situations

This is an exercise you can do when you are not in any stressful situation. Think about situations that trigger anxiety attacks. Ask yourself why you panic. Try to analyze the situation and find answers. Speak to yourself about your fears. Walk through them in your mind and see if they are really as bad as you imagine them to be. Once you realize your fears are baseless you will learn to conquer anxiety. To stop anxiety attacks before they start you have to master the art of cheating yourself. The anxiety attack comes from within you. It is a reaction to situations you are unable to manage. Learn to overcome those fears and you will be in control. Whatever way you adopt to fight an anxiety attack remember to tell yourself you can do it. A belief in self is half your battle won.

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