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Do I have Anxiety - 10 signs to look for

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Do I have Anxiety - 10 signs to look for

It is totally normal to feel scared and tense when facing a stressful situation in life. Anxiety is a natural response of your body towards danger. It might be regarded as your body's automatic alarm system that goes off when you feel vulnerable and threatened. In moderation, it is not always bad to feel anxious. In fact, anxiety might help you to stay focused and find a solution to the problem. However, when it becomes constant and interferes with your activities and relationships, it is not helpful anymore. That's when you are required to take action as you have crossed the line and are into anxiety disorders' territory. There are numerous symptoms of anxiety, and their intensity, number and frequency will vary from individual to individual as each person has a unique chemical make-up.

Anxiety Symptoms associated with body:

1. Allergy problems: Your allergies become worse than before. You will notice that you are allergic to more substance and the allergic reactions are frequent and take longer to subside.

2. Looking pale: Anxiety makes you feel pale and blanched. You will look sickly and pasty.

3. Heart palpitations: It is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. You will feel like your heard is racing, pounding, beating fast, skips a beat, beating too hard, or stops and collapses in the chest. Mostly when you feel your heart skips a beat, flops, or stops, it produces a tickly feeling in your chest and makes you cough. During such situation if you measure your pulse, you will observe that your heartbeats are haphazardly spaced. The rhythm of your heart might be normal or irregular during anxiety. You might also feel palpitation in your throat, chest, or neck area.

4. Dizziness: Anxiety makes you feel suddenly woozy, light-hearted, and dizzy. You may experience a feeling like the room is spinning. Furthermore, you can feel like fainting or passing out. Sometimes you might also think like the floor is moving, and it will be difficult for you to balance and stand up straight. You will most probably have difficulty in placing your feet at the right place as your perception of ground will be wrong at that moment, and you will be disoriented. In some cases, people have reported that they feel like they are firmly standing on the floor but the floor is moving or vibrating. Unfortunately, this symptom is sometimes stubborn and persists if we do not take proper action for its elimination.

5. Chest pains: People having anxiety feel pressure, pain, muscle twitching, shooting pains, numbness, burning, fullness, or uneasiness in the chest region. These pains or sensations might be positioned in one spot, or might shift all over the chest region. The pain(s) can also radiate to the right shoulder, left shoulder, or the breasts. Such sensations can be sporadic or remain indefinitely. You may experience sharp piercing or stabbing, or persistent tightness, or any other combination.

Anxiety Symptoms associated with mind:

6. Brain fog: You will feel difficulty concentrating, thinking and forming thoughts. Your thinking will feel like impaired and muddled. Some people regard this feeling as being foggy headed. You will feel difficulty in comprehending and recalling things that you once knew, and your thoughts will seem illusive.

7. Depersonalization: Anxiety will make you feel disconnected from the real world. The person feels like he or she is not a part of what is going on. We can regard it as a dream like state. Sometimes, you will feel very unreal and think you are losing your mind. These thoughts might have you questioning your sanity. Consequently, it will make you panic with nervousness and fear. Things around you might seem like shimmering, hazy, foggy, or tunnel like.

8. Nightmares: People having anxiety problems might have frequent nightmares or bad dreams.

9. Fear or losing control: In a group or crowded area, you might believe that you will do something embarrassing, like passing out, gagging, vomiting, stumbling, etc. It may be difficult to control your body among people resulting in a self-conscious feeling.

10. Déjà Vu: Anxiety makes you feel like you have experienced the present situation before. Listed above are some of the common symptoms of anxiety. If you are experiencing a combination of any of these feelings, there is no need to be concerned as there are a number of solutions to this problem. By following some simple methods or procedure, you can effortlessly eliminate anxiety from your life

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